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Our new Water Sports Club is launching!

With the ability to book your favourite water sports experiences again and again all year, our club memberships offer something for everyone!

We have received a really positive response from everyone with whom we've spoken, and based on some insightful and constructive feedback, we're in the process of revising our model to make it simpler, a better fit for everyone and greater value than ever before!

When our revision is complete, you'll be able to buy your membership below. Complete our https://www.watersportscentral.com.au/info/contact form to keep up-to-date about our club launch.

Our recent competition to win a Free One-Year Membership

For those who went in our competition to win a free membership, please re-send us your information! We believe that we have missed receiving some entries due to a technical glitch on our entry form, so please do get in touch by email to verify your entry, as well as the date on which you entered the competition, and we'll make sure you're in the draw! And if you didn't enter but would still like to, same deal, just let us know when you met us :)


If you have any questions or would like to express interest in joining one of our clubs near you, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the phone numbers and email addresses above, or via our Contact Page here: https://www.watersportscentral.com.au/info/contact.

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