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Welcome to Water Sports Central, your premier destination for high-end, luxury personal watercraft. Founded with the passion and mission to revolutionise water-based adventure, we specialise in offering an exclusive selection of premium watercraft that promises to elevate your experience on the water to unparalleled heights.

At Water Sports Central, we understand that the thrill of gliding over waves and exploring the beauty of the water is unmatched. This understanding fuels our commitment to bring you the most advanced, efficient, and exhilarating watercraft available in the market. Our curated collection includes brands renowned for their innovation and quality, such as Fliteboard, Schiller, Seabob, Awake, Scubajet and Stoke. We are also proud to offer Zhik clothing alongside essential parts and accessories for all your equipment.

Our long-time favourite, Fliteboard, embodies the spirit of our collection. It's designed for adventurers who seek both thrill and efficiency, making it a perfect representation of what Water Sports Central stands for.

With retail locations and Fliteschools in Bondi Junction (Sydney) and Newcastle, an office in Perth, and more locations opening soon, Water Sports Central operates from multiple locations, ensuring that our presence is felt on every beach and water body through the experiences our products enable. Our business model allows us to meet our customers where it matters most - on the water. This direct engagement ensures that we remain closely connected to the community we serve, continuously tailoring our offerings to meet and exceed the evolving desires of water sports enthusiasts.

Water Sports Central is more than just a retailer; we are a community of adventurers and enthusiasts. We offer free pick up from our retail locations and personalised meet-ups at the beach or on the water, ensuring that our customers not only receive a product but become part of a larger family of water sports lovers. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction is unwavering, as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in personal watercraft.

Join us at Water Sports Central, where the horizon is just the beginning of your next adventure.

Water Sports Central is part of the Marine Lifestyles group, who are a leading supplier of electric-powered marine products in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, including their revolutionary hydrofoil boats. Marine Lifestyles is the Evoy Electric Motor Systems dealer for Australia and the Pacific.

Empowering Communities:

Our Commitment to Charitable Giving and the Impact Behind It

At the heart of our business lies a profound commitment to using our commercial success to fund a meaningful change for good in the world around us.

With each sale we make, we take a step further in our journey of philanthropy, enabling us to support a diverse array of charities.

The integration of charitable giving into our business allows us to extend our reach beyond the confines of water sports commerce, directly impacting and uplifting communities in need.

Our dedication to these causes reflects our belief that business can and should be a force for good, creating waves of positive change that ripple through society.

Sustaining the Future: Our Business's Pledge to Environmental Stewardship

We believe that electric watercraft are the future of marine transportation and leisure.

Our commitment to this innovation stems from a desire to safeguard our waterways and reduce the environmental footprint of water sports activities.

By investing in cutting-edge electric watercraft technologies, we actively participate in the shift towards clean energy, minimising pollution and preserving the purity of the oceans.

The silence of electric propulsion not only protects the serenity of the marine environment but also signifies our dedication to a future where technology and sustainability sail together towards a greener horizon.

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